Heptune presents:

Good Little Bad Little You

    (Green, Stept)

Transcribed from vocals by Cliff Edwards, recorded September 21, 1928,
From The Vintage Recordings of Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike), Take Two Records, TT419CD.

You're the naughtiest baby,
Still you're sweet as can be,
First you treat me nice,
Then you're cold as ice,
You're a puzzle to me!

Good little bad little you,
What makes you tease like you do?
I look into your angel eyes,
They're little devils in disguise!

One little, two little lips I crave,
They lead me on, then they say, "Behave!"
And who, who knows it, too?
Good little bad little you!
Good little bad little you!


You're good, you're bad,
Wish I knew
What makes you tease like you do!
I look right straight into your angel eyes,
I see they're little devils in disguise!

Got one, got two lips I crave,
Still they just say, "Please behave!"
And who's that smarty, certain party knows it, too?
Good little bad little you!
Good little bad little you!

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Published 3/1/01.

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