Heptune presents:

Hello, Beautiful


Transcribed from lyrics by Maurice Chevalier,
From Maurice Chevalier: Encore Maurice! Academy Sound and Vision, LDT, CD AJA 5016.

Oh, dear, look at who's here,
Look at those blue eyes,
Wonder would those eyes
Refuse me?

Oh, joy, look at those lips,
Look at that sweet smile,
Follow that just please,
Excuse me!

Hello, beautiful!
How'd you get so beautiful?
How'd you get that sunshine in your smile?

Tell me, beautiful,
Where you going, beautiful?
How'd you like to romance for awhile?

When you're near, what joy and cheer you're bringing;
Can't you hear the bees and birdies singing?

Oh, hello, beautiful!
How can you be beautiful,
And still be mother's angel child?

Hello, beautiful!
How'd you get so beautiful?
Are they all like you where you belong?

Listen, beautiful,
You're so doggone beautiful,
You're an inspiration for a song!

Pardon me, are you the kind of baby,
Who would answer yes or no or maybe?

Oh, hello, beautiful!
Listen to me, beautiful!
Fifty million Frenchmen can't be wrong!

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Published 3/24/00.


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