Heptune presents:

Hep Cat's Love Song

    (Boyd, Calloway, Gibson)

Transcribed from vocals by Cab Calloway, recorded March 5, 1941,
From Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1940-1941; Chronological Classics 629.
Photo of Cab Calloway

When I hug ya
You stay hugged;
When I dig ya
You stay dug;
When I kiss you, baby,
Everybody knows that I'm wild about you!

When I love ya,
I love ya strong!
When you kiss me
You can't go wrong;
When I hold you, baby,
Everybody knows that I'm wild about you!

You may say that I'm jivin',
But it's you that I'm thinkin' of,
It's not imagination or infatuation,
It's just plain, everyday love!

I'm a schoolboy
From the sticks;
When I'm with ya,
I get my kicks;
You're a sender, honey!
Everybody knows that I'm wild about you!

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Published 3/1/01.


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