Heptune presents:

Hoodoo Man Blues

    (Victoria Spivey)

Transcribed from vocals by Victoria Spivey, recorded 8/12/26,
From Victoria Spivey, Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 1, 11 may 1926 to 31 October 1927; Document Records, DOCD-5316.

When I was down in Alabama,
There was a man from Louisiana,
Claimed to know everything;
And when the women would go to him,
Here is what they would say:

They'd say, "I'm blue as I can be;
Ain't got nobody under the sun loves me;
I mean, I'm blue, blue,
Blue as I can be.
So won't you please see
What you can do for me."

They'd tell the Hoodoo Man,
Everybody's talkin' 'bout the Hoodoo Man;
The women's all ravin' about.
I'll take him in for you,
Now if that'll have to do,
Your man is yelling, too;
I know he's through with you.
And I mean, that I'm just the Hoodoo Man.

I mean the Hoodoo Man,
The girls is all ravin' about,
The Hoodoo Man,
The women's all crazy about,
When he must do, yes, he's bound to do,
Anything for you,
You own your P's and Q's.
What I mean, that I'm just a Hoodoo Man.

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Published 2/29/00.


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