Heptune presents:

I'll Chase the Blues Away

    (Sampson, Harrison)

Transcribed from vocals by Ella Fitzgerald, with Chick Webb and His Orchestra, recorded June 12, 1935;
From Ella Fitzgerald: Dreams Come True, Drive Archive DE2-41079.

I'll chase the blues away,
I'll laugh and sing all day,
I've found my lover, someone who could do.

The bluebirds in the tree
Will sing their song to me,
For they'll discover I'm no longer blue.

I've travelled far
In search of someone like you,
For what you are
Is the dream that I've prayed would soon come true.

I'll chase the blues away,
I'll print some news today,
I've found my lover, someone who'll be true.

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Published 2/1/01.


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