Heptune presents:

I'm Crying 'Cause I Know I'm Losing You

    (Cliff Friend)

Transcribed from vocals by Cliff Edwards, recorded December 31, 1927,
From The Vintage Recordings of Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike), Take Two Records, TT419CD.

You ask me why I cry, pretending that you don't know;
But dear, you do.
Just like a happy day that's ending,
Our sweet romance is ending, too.

I'm crying 'cause I know I'm losing you;
I'm sighing 'cause I know I'm losing you;
Though you say no, and smile at me;
It's just a smile of sympathy.

I've tried to make you happy, honest true,
Instead somehow I know I made you blue;
My heart is aching, breaking in two,
'Cause I know I'm losing you.

Your love don't thrill me like it used to do;
I've got the feeling that I'm losing you;
Although we pet, I understand,
What love I get is second hand.

I hate to lose you, honey, honest true,
I've got so used to all the things you do;
I'll have to start all over; adieu,
'Cause I know I'm losing you.

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Published 3/1/01.


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