Heptune presents:

Just For a Thrill

    (Lil Hardin Armstrong)
Photograph of Lil Hardin Armstrong

Transcribed from Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra, recorded October 27, 1936.
From Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra, 1936-1940, Chronological Classics,  vol. 564.

Just for a thrill,
Hmm, you turn the sunshine into rain,
Hmm, baby, for a thrill,
You gave my heart nothin' but pain,
Hmmm, to me, you were a pride and a joy,
But to you, I was only a toy,
A plaything, just to toss around at will.

Hmmm, just for a thrill,
You know that you did me wrong,
Just for a thrill,
You made my life just one sad song,
But now you're free,
And you're havin' your fun,
But to me, you're still the only one,
Just for a thrill, hmmm,
You made my heart stand still.

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Published 1/3/99.


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