Heptune presents:

The Mermaid Song

Photograph of Cab Calloway conducting.


Transcribed from Cab Calloway and His Orchestra with vocals by Cab Calloway, recorded Nov. 3, 1941.
From Cab Calloway and His Orchestra 1941-1942; The Chronological Classics 682.

I went down to the sea one day,
To see the fish jump around and play,
Watched the mermaids swing and sway
To the music of the sea.

I went down to the sea one day,
To see the sun drive the clouds away,
Watched the sail boats rock and roll
To the music of the sea.

And I met a lovely maiden on that May Day afternoon,
She promised she would wed me on a summer day next June.

But it was only a dream that day,
Her old man Neptune came up to say,
"Flap your fins and swim away,
You belong back in the sea."

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Published 12/28/01.


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