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Music, Maestro, Please

    (Magindson, Wrubel)

Transcribed from vocals by Fats Waller, recorded August 21, 1938;
From Fats Waller, 1938, Chronological Classics 913.

Photograph of Fats Waller

Tonight, I mustn't think of her,
Music, maestro, please,
Tonight, tonight I must forget how much I need her,
So Mr. Leader,
Play your lilting melody,
Ragtime, jazz-time, swing,
Any old thing, yes, yes,
Let me ease my pain, that solitudy can bring.

She used to like the waltzes,
So please don't play around with a waltz,
No, get some John Hague there, yeah.
She used to dance divinely, yas, yas, yas,
And I loved her so, but there I go.

Tonight, I mustn't think of her,
No more memories,
Swing out, tonight I must forget,
Music, maestro, please.

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Published 10/1/00.

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