Heptune presents:

My Hi-De-Ho Man

    (Lil Hardin Armstrong)

Photograph of Lil Hardin Armstrong

Transcribed from Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra, recorded October 27, 1936.
From Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra, 1936-1940, Chronological Classics,  vol. 564.

Now, I was always known to be the vamp of my hometown,
And everyone could plainly see that I'd make any man my clown,
I broke the hearts of many men,
The way I did it sure was a sin,
But now those days are gone,
Since my hi-de-ho man came along!

I fell for a hi-de-ho man and he means the world to me,
And I don't wanna make you understand what's on him to see;
Sometimes I quit him; it's all in vain;
It's just too bad when he hi-de-hos again;
Hmmm, my little hi-de-ho man!

Hmmm, now, that was my little hi-de-ho man, but he ain't worth a dime,
Now all that I can ever get from him is just a gang of beat-up time,
Say, he treats me mean and he sometimes hit me,
I don't care long as he don't quit me;
Hmmm, my little hi-de-ho man!

Now, folks, did you hear my hi-de-ho man? Oh, he's my honey!
I'm gonna bum, beg, borrow, and steal all I can so he can have his correct money;
Say, he stays out late, won't even phone,
Tells me my place is home alone;
Hmmm, such a little hi-de-ho man!

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Published 1/3/99.

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