Heptune presents:

Never Swat a Fly

    (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson)

Transcribed from vocals by Bill Coty with McKinney's Cotton Pickers, recorded Nov. 4, 1930;
From McKinney's Cotton Pickers, 1930-1931 & Don Redman and His Orchestra, 1939-1940; Chronological Classics 649.

Never swat a fly,
He may love another fly,
He may sit with her and sigh
The way I do with you.

Never a harm a flea,
He may have a favorite she
That he bounces on his knee
The way I do with you!

Never stop a bee if he is going anywhere,
You may be concluding some terrific love affair!
Be careful!

Don't step on an ant
In the middle of a pant,
He may want to but he can't
The way I do with you!

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Published 2/1/01.

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