Heptune presents:

A New Moon and and Old Serenade

    (Silver, Block, Coslow)

Transcribed from vocals by Cab Calloway, recorded March 28, 1939,
From Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1939-1940, Chronological Classics 595.

Photo of Cab Calloway
A new moon and an old serenade,
I just stood there and looked at you
As the violins played;
A new thrill; we were both so afraid,
But the moon and the melody
Seemed to come to our aid.
Heaven gleamed in a rose-colored light,
And the music seemed to be saying, "I'm yours tonight,"
Your heart called, and I gladly obeyed
In the spell of a new moon and an old serenade.

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Published 4/1/01.


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