Heptune presents:

Nobody's Using It Now


Transcribed from lyrics by Maurice Chevalier,
From Maurice Chevalier: Encore Maurice! Academy Sound and Vision, LDT, CD AJA 5016.

Just look at me!
I think my heart will break,
Nobody seems to take me seriously;
Honestly, I'm just as lonely as a man can be.

The rest mean nothing at all,
And when the shadows fall,
The moon is only wasting time on me,
Candidly, there must be something awfully wrong with me!

I've a pair of arms, to hug and hold,
But nobody's using them, now!
I've loads of love that could be sold,
But nobody's using them now!

I've a world of time, that's all my own,
They say that you go silly if you spend it alone,
I'm telling the truth, I'm just wasting my youth,
'Cause nobody's using it now!
No, no, no, no, nobody's using it now!

There's a bridal suite in gold and blue,
But nobody's using it now,
I've learned to wear pajamas, too,
What's the use of wearing them now?

I've sowed wild oats, I have indeed,
But now that I've stopped sowing them, I'm going to seed,
For years and for years, oh how great I did,
But nobody's using them now!
No, no, no, no, nobody's using them now!

I've a big settee, with bed and springs,
But nobody's using it now,
Have some pleasing ways, and other things,
But nobody's using them now.

I'm a family man, who's out of sorts,
I'm just a loving papa, who has read lots of poets,
I've blushed to admit, I've still plenty of it,
But nobody's using it now!
No, no, no, no, nobody's using it now!

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Published 3/24/00.

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