Heptune presents:

No Man's Mamma

    (Pollack, Yellen)
Photo of Ethel Waters
Transcribed from vocals by Ethel Waters, recorded October 28, 1925.
From Ethel Waters 1925-1926, The Chronogical Classics, vol. 672.

You may wonder what's the reason
For this great big smile;
Say, I haven't been so happy
In the longest while!
Got a big load off my mind,
Here's the papers, sealed and signed;
And the judge was nice and kind,
All through the trial.
This ends the five-year war,
I'm sweet Miss Waters once more!

I can come when I please, I can go when I please,
I can flit, fly and flutter like the birds in the trees,
Because I'm no man's mamma now!
Hey, hey!

I can say what I like, I can do what I like,
I'm a gal who is on a matrimonial strike;
Which means, I'm no man's mamma now!

I'm screamin', "There, I know how
A fella feels gettin' out of jail,"
I've got twin beds,
But I take pleasure in announcin' one's for sale!

Am I makin' it plain? I will never again
Drag around another ball and chain!
I'm through,
Because, I'm no man's mamma now!

I can smile, I can wink, I can go take a drink,
And I don't have to worry what my hubby will think!
Because, I'm no man's mamma now!
Get it fixed!

I can spend if I choose, I can play and sing the blues,
There's nobody messing with my ones and my twos,
Because, I'm no man's mamma now!

You know that there was a time
I used to think that men were grand,
But no more for mine,
I've gone and labeled my apartment
"No Man's Land!"

I got rid of my cat, 'cause my cat's name was Pat,
Won't even have a mailbox in my flat!
Because, I'm no man's mamma now!

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Published 3/6/00.

Ethel Waters starred in both the stage and film version of Cabin in the Sky. The movie also starred Lena Horne and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington had minor roles. Waters commented in her remarkable autobiography, His Eye is on the Sparrow, that she didn't enjoy making the movie -- too much behind-the-scenes back-biting.


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