Heptune presents:

On Revival Day

    (Andy Razaf)

Transcribed from vocals by Andy Razaf with Luis Russell and His Orchestra, recorded May 29, 1930,
From Luis Russell and His Orchestra, 1930-1934, Chronological Classics, vol. 606.

Just hear them sisters groanin',
And hear them brothers moanin',
Repentin' and atonin',
On revival day!

They're talkin' to the spirit,
Just like they see and hear it,
They're sinful and they fear it,
On revival day!

When that congregation starts to sing,
Nothin' in this world don't mean a thing!

Oh, glory hallelujah!
Makes you feel so peculiar,
The devil cannot rule ya,
On revival day!

Glory, glory,
It's so purifyin'!
Glory, glory,
Wash my sins away.

Lordy, Lordy,
He's just like a lion,
Lordy, Lordy,
I'm reformed today!

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Published 7/22/01.

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