Heptune presents:

Prisoner of Love

   (Robin, Columbo)

Transcribed from the Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra, from vocals by Lena Horne, recorded September 16, 1941.
From Lena Horne, L'Art Vocal, vol. 11. La Selection1935-1941; DK 025.
Photograph of Lena Horne.

Alone from night to night, you'll find me,
Too weak to break the chains that bind me,
I need no shackles to remind me,
I'm just a prisoner of love.

For one command I stand in wait now,
From one who's master of my fate now,
I can't escape; it's much too late now,
I'm just a prisoner of love.

What's the good of my caring, if someone is sharing those arms with me?
Although he has another, I can't have another, for I'm not free!

He's in my dreams, awake or sleeping,
Upon my knees to him I'm creeping,
My very soul is in his keeping,
I'm just a prisoner of love.

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Published 1/29/00.

Lena Horne starred in the movie, Stormy Weather. Read our review of the movie.


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