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Remember My Forgotten Man

Transcribed from Hal Kemp and His Orchestra, with vocal by Deane Janis, recorded 5/3/1933.
From Songs of the Depression, Mojo CD-MOJO-311.

I don't know if I deserve a bit of sympathy,
Save your sympathy, that's all right with me.
I was satisfied to drift along from day to day,
'Til you came and took my man away!

Remember my forgotten man,
You put a rifle in his hand,
You sent him far away,
You shouted "hip-hooray,"
But look at him today!

Remember my forgotten man,
You had him cultivate the land,
He walked behind a plow,
The sweat fell from his brow,
But look at him right now!

And once he used to love me,
I was happy, then!
He used to take care of me,
Won't you bring him back again?

'Cause ever since the world began,
A woman's got to have a man,
Forgetting him, you see,
Means you're forgetting me,
Like my forgotten man!

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Published 3/31/00.

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