Heptune presents:

Riddle Me This

    (E. Y. Harburg)

Transcribed from Abe Lyman and His Orchestra, with vocal by Dick Robertson, recorded 9/17/1932.
From Songs of the Depression, Mojo CD-MOJO-311.

Where do we turn? Where do we go?
Riddle me this!

Who's the master mind of the puppet show?
Riddle me this!

Whom do we pay, who's the croupier?
Riddle me this!

Who's the one that sweeps all the stakes away?
Riddle me this!

Love a little, sing a little,
Play the game and win a little,
Only to lose.

Listen to the money jingle,
Isn't it a funny jingle,
Ending with blues!

What is the song? What is the rhyme?
Riddle me this!

Are there any odds on the wheel of time?
Riddle me this!

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Published 3/31/00.

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