Heptune presents:

Right Now


Transcribed from lyrics by Maurice Chevalier,
From Maurice Chevalier: Encore Maurice! Academy Sound and Vision, LDT, CD AJA 5016.

Sweet pet,
Where can we get,
Sitting around like this?
What are you waiting for, baby?
Think of the joys we miss!

Tell me,
What will it be?
Why do you hesitate?
Time you said yes to me, baby,
How long must I wait?

I want your kisses right now!
I need your kisses right now!
Don't you waste them,
Let me taste them,
Right now!

I want you closer, right now!
A little closer, and how!
Give me action,
Right now!

Oh, tell me, just why do you delay?
Each time I feel this way,
Why put off till tomorrow what we can do today?

I want your loving right now,
A lot of loving right now!
Come and kiss me
Or you'll miss me
Right now!

Why don't you please me right now?
Come on and squeeze me right now!
Either kiss me
Or dismiss me
Right now!

You've got what I need, right now!
So do a good deed right now!
Be a cutie,
Do your duty,
Right now!

Oh, tell me, what are you thinking of?
The moon is up above;
You know that I work hard all day,
Now, I'm out for love!

If you were willing, right now!
This could be thrilling, and how!
If you're high hat,
Get me my hat,
Right now!

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Published 3/24/00.

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