Heptune presents:

Sophomore Prom

Transcribed from vocals by Ted Weems and His Orchestra; recorded June 21, 1929;
From College Rhythm: Hot Dance Band Classics 1927-1934; Memphis Archives, MA7021.

You've heard a lot about, here's just a word about
Freshmen, we're glad we're not freshmen,
We're out of that sphere.

Now that were sophomores, regular sophomores,
Good times, we're gonna have good times,
Our heyday is here!

Our yearly prom is coming 'round,
And that's not all,
Most every coed will be found
Down at the ball.

We've planned a lot for this, we're kind of hot for this
Big night, we'll make it a big night,
The dance of the year!

Go and get a girl, then make a date with her,
Don't be late with her,
You'll be great with her,
When you introduce her, down at the sophomore prom.
Bum-bum ba dee dat'n dat-a ba da-dum!

Every girl is dressed, she'll have an arm about,
If there's harm about,
Sing a song and shout,
Alpha Sopha Laugha, you're at the sophomore prom.
Bup-a dum ba dup-a, yow da de do!

It's not a night for chronic ailers,
It's not a night for peaceful sailors,
But what a night for gin inhalers (hic!).
We'll all get tight, but we'll be all right.

How do we get home? We don't know how we do,
Who the heck says we do?
So what if we do?
Everything is maybe, down at the sophomore prom.

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Published 6/2/00.

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