Heptune presents:

That's Why I'm Happy

    (Magidson, Cleary)

Transcribed from vocals by Helen Kane, recorded 3/15/1929,
From Helen Kane, the Original 'Boop-Boop a-Doop' Girl: Great Original Performances 1928 - 1930; Robert Parker's Classic Years in Digital Stereo, Louisiana Red Hot Records, RPCD-323,
Photograph of Helen Kane CD.

Folks, I'm in love,
I'm really in love,
This time, I mean what I say!
I found the one,
The only one,
He's got me acting this way.

I love no one but he,
He loves no one but me,
We love to be with we,
That's why I'm happy;

I know just what he craves,
And he knows just what I crave,
We know, but we behave,
That's why I'm happy!

We don't do the things that are wrong,
But, ooh! How we do get along!

I do just as I should,
And he does just as he should,
We do each other good,
That's why I'm happy!

I love to be alone,
He loves to be alone,
We love when we're alone,
That's why I'm happy;

I like him more each day,
And he likes me more each day,
We like to be that way,
That's why I'm happy!

We have fun, we don't spend a dime,
But, ooh! How we do spend our time!

I know we shouldn't pet,
And he knows we shouldn't pet,
We know, but we forget!
That's why I'm happy.

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Published 4/1/00.

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