Heptune presents:

Utt Da Zay (The Tailor's Song)

    (Ram, Mills)

Transcribed from vocals by Cab Calloway, recorded July 17, 1939,
From Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1939-1940, Chronological Classics 595.

Photo of Cab Calloway
My mother used to sing to me,
A haunting little melody;
Nobody knows where it came from,
Or where it was composed.


"Utt da zay," sings the tailor,
As he fashions pretty clothes;
"Utt da zay," sings the tailor,
As he sews, sews, sews.
He's as busy as a bee,
Making lovely finery,
Things my baby loves to wear
When I take her to the fair.
"Utt da zay," sings the tailor; all it means is "That's the way."
When I buy the things he made her, says the tailor, "Utt da zay."

Oh, do you dig, dig, dig?
Do you chop, chop, chop?
Are you hep to this jive that I'm laying to you?

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Published 4/1/01.


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