Heptune presents:

The Varsity Drag

Transcribed from vocals by George Olsen and His Orchestra; recorded August 18, 1927;
From College Rhythm: Hot Dance Band Classics 1927-1934; Memphis Archives, MA7021.

We've always thought
Knowledge is naught,
We should be taught to dance,
Right here at Tate
We're up to date,
We teach a great new dance,
Don't think that I brag,
I speak of the drag.

Why should a sheik
Learn how to speak
Latin and Greek badly?
Give him a neat
Motto complete
Say it with feet gladly!
First lesson right now,
You'll love it and how you'll love it:

Here is the drag, see how it goes,
Down on the heels, up on the toes,
That's the way to do the Varsity Drag,

Hotter than hot, newer than new,
Meaner than mean, bluer than blue,
Gets as much applause as waving the flag!

You can pass many a class,
Wether you're dumb or wise,
If you'll all answer the call
When your professor cries:

"Everybody down on the heels, up on the toes,
Stay after school and learn how it goes,
Everybody do the varsity drag!"

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Published 6/2/00.

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