Heptune presents:

(What Are You Waiting For) Mary


Transcribed from vocals by Bing Crosby and chorus, with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, n.d.,
From Bix "n" Bing with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, Academy Sound and Vision, CD AJA 5005.

What are you waiting for,
What are you waiting for, Mary?
What are you thinking 'bout,
Who are you thinking 'bout, Mary?
The bees are buzzing, they're buzzing right in my ear,
And they keep on asking,
"Hey, what's the big idea?"

Think of the moon above,
Doesn't it speak of love, Mary?
Why do you lead me on,
Why do you be so contrary?
You wouldn't let my castle come tum-tum-tumbling down,
Think of the things in store,
What are you waiting for, Mary?

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Published 1/1/01.

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