Heptune presents:

What Do I Care?

Transcribed from vocals by Annette Hanshaw, recorded April, 1927;
From Annette Hanshaw: The Twenties Sweetheart; Jasmine Records JASMCD 2542.

Somebody said, "Oh, oh, oh,
Take a look at that baby!"
Somebody said, "Ah-a-ah,
Why, how do you do?"
Somebody said, "Gee, but she
Is sure a wonderful baby!
What beautiful eyes and hair and lips,
Too good to be true!"
Somebody said, "Well, well, well,
She's a little bit silly;"
Somebody said, "Sure,
Nothin' up in her head;"
But when they rave, I just he-he,
'Cause I know she's in love with me;
So what do I care
What somebody says?

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Published 5/31/02.

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