Heptune presents:

Who's Blue Now?

    (Paul Mertz)

Transcribed from vocals by Fred Waring, Bill Townsend, Francis Foster and Fred Culley, recorded 2/14/28;
From Fred Waring, Volume 1: The Collegiate Years; Old Masters, MB126 .

Who's blue now?
You ought to know;
You made me go.
Who's blue now?
You ought to say,
You had your way.

You drifted far apart from me;
You didn't care;
You took the very heart from me,
You didn't spare me.

Who's saying,
"Oh, what a break!
What a mistake!"
Who's paying
With many a heartache?
Hate you, I don't,
Love you I won't,
Now that I'm through,
Who's blue now?
Nobody but you!

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Published 5/31/02.

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