Winter Time Blues

Transcribed from vocals by Big Maceo Merriweather, recorded October 19, 1945.
From Big Maceo: The Victor/ Bluebird Recordings 1945-1947; RCA 07863 66716-2.

Hello, baby,
How you feel today?
I want to talk with you, baby,
Before I go away;
Have you got time
Baby, to have a little talk with  me?
Winter time is comin',
And I'm worried as a man can be.

My overcoat's in pawn, baby,
And I haven't got a dime,
Winter time is comin'
And it's worrying my mind;
Ain't it a shame,
Baby, the way you treat me;
I'm blue and disgusted,
Worried as a man can be.

Winter time is comin',
Gettin' colder every day,
While I done got tired
Of bein' treated this-a-way;
So tell me, baby,
Tell me what have you got to say;
You better say it now, baby,
And then I will be on my way.

[Spoken:] Lay your racket, boy, lay your racket. Yes, I know!

So long, baby,
And that's what you got to say;
But someday you'll need me,
And I'll be far away;
Then you'll be worried,
Worried as a gal can be,
Hear, you'll want to tell the whole world
Just what you did to me.

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Published 2/17/02.

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