Heptune presents:

You're Driving Me Crazy


Transcribed from vocals by Dave Wilborn with McKinney's Cotton Pickers, recorded Dec. 17, 1930;
From McKinney's Cotton Pickers, 1930-1931 & Don Redman and His Orchestra, 1939-1940; Chronological Classics 649.

[Spoken, Don Redman]
Hey, you guys there, let's get together there,
Why, you'se enough to drive a man crazy!
What's the matter, can't we get this thing?
What do you say we go there, huh?
Pick out a song!

You! You're driving me crazy!
What did I do?
Oh, what did I do?
My tears for you make everything hazy,
Clouding the skies of blue!

How true!
Were the friends who were near me to cheer me,
Believe me, they knew,
But you!
Were the kind who would hurt me, desert me when I needed you!

Yes, you!
You're driving me crazy!
What did I do to you?


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Published 2/1/01.

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