Heptune presents:

You're My Thrill

    (Gorney, Clare)

Transcribed from Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra, from vocals by Lena Horne, recorded January 7, 1941.
From Lena Horne, L'Art Vocal, vol. 11. La Selection1935-1941; DK 025.
Photograph of Lena Horne.

You're my thrill,
You do something to me,
You send chills right through me,
When I look at you, 'cause you're my thrill!

You're my thrill,
How my pulse increases,
Why, I just fly to pieces,
When I look at you, 'cause you're my thrill, hmmmm.

Nothing seems to matter,
Here's my heart on a silver platter;
Where's my will?

Tell me why this strange desire,
That keeps mounting higher,
When I look at you, I can't keep still,
'Cause you're my thrill.

When I look at you, I can't keep still,
'Cause you're my thrill.

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Published 1/29/00.

Lena Horne starred in the movie, Stormy Weather. Read our review of the movie.


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