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What Confucius Thought 

What was Confucian philosophy about? Megaera explains it here in simple terms.

Flies, Flies, Flies

Spring is back and so are the flies. Read about housefly public relations, bee flies and sheep keds on Brenna's About.com page.
Mom, Dad and the maggots

Jazz and Blues Lyrics of the Month

Cab Calloway Blues in My Heart
For the Last Time I Cried Over You
The Ghost of Smoky Joe
Hep! Hep! The Jumpin' Jive
A New Moon and an Old Serenade
One Look at You
Utt Da Zay (The Tailor's Song)
Viola McCoy I Ain't Gonna Marry, Ain't Gonna Settle Down
I Don't Want Nobody That Don't Want Me
If Your Good Man Quits You, Don't Wear No Black
I've Got the World in a Jug
It Makes No Difference Now
South Street Blues
Chick Webb and His Orchestra Blues in My Heart
I Can't Dance, I Got Ants in My Pants
If It Ain't Love
Of course, you can check out the rest of our lyrics on the Heptune Classical Jazz and Blues Lyrics Page!

CD of the Month:

Viola McCoy, Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2Our CD for April is Viola McCoy, Complete Recorded Works, Volume 2: 1924-1926, Document Records, DOCD-5417. Viola McCoy was a blues singer recording during the female blues heyday of the 1920s, accompanied masterfully by Fletcher Henderson. Fletcher's band gives these pieces the jazzy sound characteristic of blues recordings of this time period, and Viola herself becomes progressively jazzier in her vocal style with time. She has a light, clear voice that brings life and honest feeling to her material. 
     Her material is the ordinary stuff of which the blues are made - bad relationships with two-timing men - but the subject matter does not receive the usual treatment! Viola is not pining away or begging the man to come back. Instead, she tells her unfaithful men where to go, and advises other women to do the same. Some of the lyrics from this CD are featured in this month's lyrics, listed above.
     Also of note in this collection is a fine rendition of West Indies Blues, with its beautiful harmonica accompaniment by an unknown artist.

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Video of the Month

Please refer to our collection of video reviews.

Baby Names for March:

Read about the names Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas, for the beginning of our series about baby names derived from states.

Book of the Month

Bigmama's by Donald CrewsOur book for April 2001 is Bigmama's, written and illustrated by Donald Crews, author of two Caldecott Honor books. This children's picture book is an autobiographical portrayal of summers spent with grandparents in the rural South in the early-middle part of the 20th Century. The lush water colors and the details provided as the children explore Bigmama's home, making sure that nothing has changed, evoke the excitement, warmth and love of the author's experience. The critical test of the success of a children's book is how well children like it; both of my children loved this book.

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