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Memphis Man

    (Henry-Grant)Photo of Ethel Waters.

Transcribed from vocals by Ethel Waters, recorded 3/1923.
From Ethel Waters 1921 - 1923, The Chronogical Classics, vol. 796.

Down home,
A little cabin,
And a soft
Little rabbit.
I'm weeping and I'm grievin', [?]
And I've found, oh, so even. [?]

Memphis Man comes knockin' at the door.
Knocked like nobody ever knocked before.
If you know why, you should let him in,
'Cause he's so different when loving begins.

Memphis Man,
The lovingest man I know,
Loves you like you've never been loved before.
Love you while he's talking, love you while he sings,
Biggest eyes and hands and a few other things.
If you want to please me, love me like a Memphis Man.

Why, a Memphis Man knows more about lovin'than the rest.
He loves you just where it feels the best;
Love you when he's working, love you when he plays,
He could write a book on his loving ways.
If you want to please me, love me like a Memphis Man.

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Published 5/12/99.

Ethel Waters starred in both the stage and film version of Cabin in the Sky. The movie also starred Lena Horne and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington had minor roles. Waters commented in her remarkable autobiography, His Eye is on the Sparrow, that she didn't enjoy making the movie -- too much behind-the-scenes back-biting.


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