Heptune presents:Photo of Jim Europe


    (Noble Sissle, James R. Europe, Eubie Blake)

Transcribed from Lieut. Jim Europe's 369th U.S. Infantry ("Hell Fighters") Band, vocals by Noble Sissle, recorded March 14, 1919.
From James Reese Europe and the 369th US Infantry "Hell Fighters" Band, Featuring Noble Sissle, the Complete Pathe Recordings - 1919, IAJRC CD 1012, 1996.

The dark-town duke of Jacksonville was a Jackson nicknamed Sandy,
This dusky duke from Jacksonville had a gal they called Mirandy;
She was a long, tall steel-skinned brown with a loose and careless way;
If you asked Sandy about Mirandy then you would hear him say:

There ain't no gal as sweet as my Mirandy,
Molasses candy
Is like a big round ball of bitterness!
When you taste those lips of sugar sweet,
Oh, boy, I'd say, Photo of Noble Sissle
You'll fall down at her feet
And weep!

You know, the whole world's jealous of me and my Mirandy,
'Cause I'm her dandy,
And only waiting for that time
When the village bells will chime that old rhyme,
'Cause I've bought that wedding band
From an expensive jewelry man, [From Mr. Timothy, that jewelry man] (in repeat)
For Mirandy, that gal of mine!

[Repeat 2nd and 3rd verses.]

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Published 1/30/99.

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