An Exclusive Interview with Mothra and the Fairy Twins of Infant Island, Hosted by Malachi!

Malachi: Hello, ladies. Thanks for coming.

Twins: It is a pleasure!

Malachi: What's your favorite movie?

Mothra: Destroy All Monsters. It has Ghidorah. I like fighting Ghidorah. And I also like working with Godzilla, because he's cute.

Twins: We liked the first movie, Mothra, the best.

Malachi: Was Godzilla in the first movie you were in?

Mothra: No!

Malachi: Did you always get along with Godzilla?

Mothra: No.

Twins: Well, it's a long story. This was when people bombed Infant Island. Then, Mothra's egg was washed away by a storm. It landed in Japan. Godzilla was still not a nice guy. The people of Japan were trying to give Mothra's egg back, but the company which was keeping it didn't let them. And then, Godzilla popped out of the ground. Mothra's egg hadn't hatched yet. Some people went over to Infant Island and begged for help against Godzilla. We refused at first, but then they showed us that it was the right thing to do. And then, the original Mothra, the winged one, was killed. And then the egg hatched. Two worms came out. They defeated Godzilla.

Malachi: But later, Mothra and Godzilla became friends. What happened?

Twins: We're out of breath from telling you about the last movie. Have Mothra tell you.

Mothra: All right! In the next movie, Godzilla and Rodan came and terrorized Tokyo. But then, I taught them a lesson by blowing silk on them. I told them that some other monster named Ghidorah was about to destroy everything on earth. I told them that if they didn't help, every human on earth would be killed. But they told me, "We have no right to help the humans. They've brought us nothing but trouble." So I said, "Okay, you're both just wusses! I'll fight Ghidorah by myself!" But they felt wussey leaving some old grub behind to fight this huge thing. So they helped... finally!

Malachi: So, there's more than one Mothra?

Mothra: Don't you remember what the fairies said? There are always new ones hatching out. Mothra's more of a title than a name.

Malachi: Have you ever met any other insects?

Mothra: Yes, Battra.

Malachi: What is Battra?

Mothra: A gigantic big butterfly! Now stop asking me questions, ask the faries something for once.

Twins: She's a little cranky after running into that lighthouse yesterday.

Malachi: I know the feeling. Say, can you sing your song for us?

Twins: Yes.   Mosura, ya! Mosura,
                    Dongan kasakuyan,
                        indo muu.
                    Rusuto uiraadoa,  [pronounced Roos-toe ila doe]
                    Hanba hanbamuyan,
                    Randa banunradan,
                    Tonjukanraa,       [pronounced Tone-you-kan-la]
                    Kasaku yaanmu!  [prounounced Ka-sa-ku yanm]

Malachi: Thank you! There you have it.

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Published 7/18/99.