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A Sampling of African Names

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Ethiopian/Eritrean Names:


Zufan: (f) (Tigrinya) "throne" (Poll rating: -36)
Haddas: (f) (Tigrinya) "new"  (Poll rating: -7)
Semira: (f) (Tigrinya) "fulfilled" (Poll rating: +48)
Miniya: (f) (Tigrinya) "I have much expected of her." (Poll rating: +18)
Luam: (f) (Tigrinya) "peaceful, calm" (Poll rating: -3)


Kinfe: (m) "wing" (Poll rating: +1)
Ghe'le: (m) (Tigrinya) "strength" (Poll rating: -8)
Tewelde: (m) (Ge'ez) "he was born" (Poll rating: -21)
Russom: (m) (Tigrinya) "their head, their boss" (Poll rating: +11)
Alem: (m) (Tigrinya) "world" (Poll rating: +29)

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Published 11/29/00.