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A Sampling of Asian Names

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Japanese Names


Emiko: (f) "beautiful, smiling child" (Poll rating: +32)
Akemi: (f) "scarlet, dawn" (Poll rating: +15)
Chidori: (f) "plover," a type of shore bird (Poll rating: +6)
Hanae: (f) "flowering branch, flower of laughter, flower of blessing" (Poll rating: +2)
Ioe: (f) "five hundred branches" (Poll rating: -41)


Akashi: (m) "red" (Poll rating: +12)
Chiyo: (m) "thousand lifetimes, thousand years" (Poll rating: +13)
Dainagon: (m) "the greatest collection of words" (Poll rating: -8)
Hakaru: (m) "one who measures, plans, thinks things through" (Poll rating: -7)
Junji: (m) "peaceful and obedient" (Poll rating: -5)

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Published 11/29/00.