A Sampling of European Names

(not including English and Spanish)

Do you know a European name that is not listed? Please e-mail me with the name, the gender, language, and meaning. Thanks!

Italian Names


Aria: (f) "an air, a melody from an opera" (Poll rating: +50)
Bianca: (f) "white" (Poll rating: +17)
Delizia:(f) "delightful, pleasing" (Poll rating: -9)
Ilaria: (f) "cheerful" (Poll rating: -4)
Mietta: (f) "bitter," an Italian diminutive of Mary (Poll rating: -27)


Boromeo: (m) "good Roman" (Poll rating: -35)
Dante: (m) "enduring, everlasting" (Poll rating: +39)
Gian: (m) "grace of God," an Italian form of John (Poll rating: +16)
Piero: (m) "rock," an Italian form of Peter. (Poll rating: 0)
Sabino: (m) "a Sabine man" (Poll rating: -3)

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Published 11/29/00.