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Rare, Uncommon, and Unusual Names for a Special Baby

Following is a selection of names from around the world, for people who don't want a commonplace, cookie-cutter name for their baby!

Achina: (f) (Chuukese) "good"
Adai: (m) (Chamoru) "friend" (Poll rating: 0)
Adao: (m) (Old Chamoru) "the Sun"
Allulah (f) (Arabic) "the first" or (Chamoru) "hurry!" (Poll rating: -18)
Amiya: (f) (Sanskrit) "nectar, delightful" or "boundless" (Poll rating: +32)
Arian (m) (Welsh) "silver" (Poll rating: -2)
Asha: (f) (Sanskrit) "wish, hope, desire" (Poll rating: +4)
Bayani: (m) (Tagalog) "hero"
Bida: (f) (Malay) "palace maiden, fairy, beautiful woman"
Blade: (m) (English) "a sharp edge, a sword" (Poll rating: +12)
Brittain: (m) (English) "a Breton, someone from Britain" (Poll rating: +2)
Brogan: (f) (Irish) "little shoe" (Poll rating: -48)
Bryer: (m) (Middle English) "from the briar patch" (Poll rating: -17)
Brylea: (f) (Polish-Germanic) "from the water meadow" (Poll rating: +70)
Cabell: (m) (Anglo-Norman French) "rope-maker"
Caelan (m) (Scots Gaelic) "young warrior" (Poll rating: +24)
Callum (m) (Scots Gaelic form of Columbus) "dove" (Poll rating: -2)
Cydee: (f) (Greek) "to exult, to result"
Dainagon: (m) (Japanese) "the greatest collection of words"
Damayanti: (f) (Sanskrit) "radiant beauty"
Dash: (m) (English) "a short, quick run; a flashy style" (Poll rating: +5)
Delen: (f) (Cornish) "petal" (Poll rating: -2)
Eben: (m) (Hebrew) "stone" (Poll rating: +3)
Eithne: (f) (Irish Gaelic) "kernal" (Poll rating: -8)
Eunae: (f) (Korean) "kindness and love"
Essex: (m) (Old English) "East Saxons," a place name in England.
Faracy: (f) (Aramaic) "a Pharisee, one who is set apart" (Poll rating: +15)
Farida: (f) (Arabic) "unique"
Falthin: (m) (Yapese) "good word"
Florenzo: (m) (Hispanic-Latin) "blossoming, flourishing," a form of Florencio. (Poll rating: -3)
Galina: (f) (Russian) "calm of the sea" or "chicken"
Garreth: (m) a Welsh name of uncertain origin, perhaps meaning "gentle."
Ha'ani: (f) (Chamoru) "day" (Poll rating: -4)
Hakan: (m) (Old Norse) "descendant of the horse or high one"
Harmonn: (f) (Germanic) "army man" (Poll rating: -148)
Heaven (f) (English) "sky, paradise, home of God" (Poll rating: -19)
Hoa: (f) (Vietnamese) "flower"
Ilima: (f) (Hawaiian) name of a yellowish-orange flower.
Inkem: (m) (Osage) "red rabbit"
Ireri: (f) (Mexican) name of a Mexican Tarascan princess, meaning unknown. (Poll rating: -3)
Isa: (f) (Chamoru) "rainbow" and (Tagalog) "one" and (Germanic) "ice" (Poll rating: +1)
Jacaranda: (f) (Spanish) the name of a tree with purple flowers
Japheth: (m) (Hebrew) "extended, expanded" or "fair"
Javid: (m) (Persian) "eternal, immortal, perpetual" (Poll rating: +7)
Jerrine: (f) (Germanic) "spear power," an abbreviated form of Geraldine (Poll rating: +25)
Jonavan: (m) a blend of Jonathan and Donovan (Poll rating: +79)
Jonzelle: (m) African-American elaborated form of John, (Hebrew) "grace of God." (Poll rating: -25)
Kalah: (f) (Sanskrit) "art" or (Hawaiian) "the sunshine," forms of Kala; or (Hebrew) "who is like God?", a form of Kayla (Poll rating: +19)
Karavi: (m) (Fijian) "poling a boat through mangroves"
Kayani: (f) (Persian) "royal"
Keala: (f) (Hawaiian) "the pathway" (Poll rating: +2)
Keishin: (Japanese) "wise truth, wise mind, wise command, growing wisdom" (Poll rating: +20)
Kerah: (f) (Hebrew) "provision" (Poll reading: +169)
Keveronique: (f) African-American-French form of Veronica, which is a Latin form of Berenice, "bringer of victory." (Poll rating: -21)
Khalil: (m) (Arabic) "best friend, companion" (Poll rating: +14)
Kiernan: (m) (Irish) "son of the master," a short form of the surname McKiernan. (Poll rating: +138)
Kincaid: (f) (Irish Gaelic) "from the highest pass" (Poll rating: -11)
Kiya: (f) (Egyptian) nickname of the Mittanian princess, Tadukhippa, "beloved of Khippa." (Poll rating: +9)
Laban: (m) (Hebrew) "white" (Poll rating: -94)
Langidrik: (m) (Marshallese) "small storm"  (Poll rating: -4)
Leda: (f) (Lycian) "lady"
Lewin: (Old English) "dear friend" (Poll rating: +7)
Madrigal (f) (Latin) "love song, love poem" (Poll rating: -41)
Malachi: (m) (Hebrew) "my angel" (Poll rating: +2)
Malem: (m) (Kosraean) "moon"
Mandalay: (f) the name of a city in Burma, made famous in the West by the Kipling poem. (Poll reading: -59)
Mashequila: (f) African-American feminine form of the Arabic name Shakil, meaning "handsome, well-formed" (Poll rating: -29)
Mei-Ling: (f) (Chinese) "beautiful bell"
Menuha: (f) (Hebrew) "peace, calm, tranquility" (Poll rating: -10)
Nairn: (m) (Scots Gaelic) ancient name of a river
Nami: (f) (Japanese) "wave" (Poll rating: -3)
Nefertiti: (f) (Egyptian) "the beautiful one has come"
Odilia: (f) (Germanic) "wealthy"
Oldak: (m) (Palauan) "unifying"
Peregrin: (m) (English) "stranger, traveller" (Poll rating: -12)
Phoenix: (m & f) (English-Greek) "mythological bird that is reborn from its own ashes, a symbol of immortality" (Poll rating: +17)
Piero: (m) (Italian-Greek) "stone," Italian form of Peter.
Pike: (m) (Germanic) "sharp, pointed" (Poll rating: +19)
Pogisa: (f) (Samoan) "dark"
Quaintance: (f) (Modern American) name derived from "quaint" or "acquaintance."
Quest: (m) (English) "a journey in search of adventure or treasure" (Poll rating: -7)
Quillon: (m) (Latin) "sword hilt"
Rangi: (f) (Maori) "sky"
Redrick: (m) (Germanic) "counsel power" (Poll rating: -2)
Rombert: (m) (Dutch) "fame-bright" or "Rome-bright" or "raven-bright" or "counsel-bright"
Rustam: (m) (Persian) "strong, brave, bold, a hero" (Poll rating: -70)
Sagan (f & m) (Polish) "kettle" (Poll rating: +4)
Sage: (f) (English) "a wise person" (Poll rating: +36)
Salathiel: (m) (Hebrew) "I have asked him of God" (Poll rating: -30)
Sanjay: (m) (Sanskrit) "triumphant, conquering, victorious" (Poll rating: -1)
Serenade: (f) (English) "evening music" (Poll rating: -1)
Shabnam: (f) (Persian) "dew"
Sopan: (m) (Indonesian) "reverent, respectful, polite"
Storm (m & f) (English) "storm, rough weather, of a passionate temperament" (Poll rating: -24)
Talasi: (f) (Hopi) "corn tassel flower"
Talfryn: (m) (Welsh) "from the high end of  the hill" (Poll rating: 0)
Tana: (f) (Chuukese) "dream of" and (Chamoru) "land" and (Russian) a diminutive of Tatiana, meaning unknown. (Poll reading: +34)
Tano: (m) (Chamoru) "land" (Poll rating: -1)
Tau: (m) (Tswana) "lion"
Tejini: (Sanskrit) "splendor, power, wisdom" (Poll rating: +12)
Ulrike: (f) (Danish) "wealth and power"
Usman: (m) (Turkish-Arabic) "a bustard chick"
Vadra (f) meaning unknown, from the song Velvet Morning performed by Nancy Sinatra (Poll rating: -14)
Vendelín: (m) (Czech-Old German) "a Wend," name of a Slavonic tribe.
Viveca: (f) (Swedish-Germanic) "war"
Warlita: (f) (Filipino-English) "born during World War II"
Wayan: (m & f) (Balinese) "first born child"
Xanthe: (f) (Greek) "yellow"
Xuyen: (m) (Vietnamese) "river, bracelet"
Yoana: (f) (Pohnpeian-Hebrew) "grace of God," Pohnpeian form of Joanna.
Yorath: (m) (Anglo-Welsh) "handsome lord"
Zalika: (f) (Swahili) "noble, well-born"
Zoltan: (m) (Hungarian-Turkish) "sultan"

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Common, Popular, Trendy and Traditional Baby Names

These are names that show up a lot in current birth records, or which have been frequently used during the 20th Century in the English-speaking world.

Adrian: (m) (Latin) "man from Hadria," a town in northern Italy (Poll rating: +10)
Alannah: (f) (Celtic) "little rock," a feminine form of Alan. (Poll rating: +147)
Allison: (f) (Germanic) "of a noble kind," an old diminutive form of Alice and Adelaide. (Poll rating: +13)
Angus: (m) (Gaelic) "one choice" (Poll rating: -5)
Anna: (f) (Hebrew) "He has favored me" (Poll rating: +7)
Ashton: (f) (Old English) "from the ash tree settlement" (Poll rating: +8)
Aurelia: (f) (Latin) "golden" (Poll rating: +4)
Autumn: (f) (English-Etruscan) "the Fall season" (Poll rating: +29)
Basil: (m) (Greek) "royal, kingly"  (Poll rating: -27)
Beau (m) (English-French) "handsome, a sweetheart" (Poll rating: -52)
Bradan: (m) (Irish) "salmon" (Poll rating: 0)
Bradey: (m) (Irish Gaelic) meaning unknown (Poll rating: +124)
Breanna: (f) (Celtic) "high, noble," a feminine form of Brian. (Poll rating: +60)
Bryce: (m) (Welsh) "speckled," name of a 5th C British saint (Poll rating: +29)
Bryson (m) (Anglo-Irish) "ocean taboo" or (English) "son of Brice" (Poll rating: +19)
Carlee: (f) (English-Germanic) "free man," a feminine form of Charles. (Poll rating: -37)
Catherine: (f) (pre-Greek) original meaning unknown; long regarded as meaning "pure" (Poll rating: +5)
Charissa: (f) (Greek) "grace." The name is pronounced as both ka-RISS-a and sha-RISS-a. (Poll rating: +9)
Charles: (m) (Old English) "a person, a free man" (Poll rating: 0)
Chloe: (f) (Greek) "green, vegetation" (Poll rating: -1)
Crystal: (English-Greek) "clear, colorless quartz, or any mineral showing facets" (Poll rating: -21)
Dallas: (m & f) (Old English) "from the house in the valley. (Poll rating: -40)
Daniel: (m) (Hebrew) "God is my judge" (Poll rating: +7)
David: (m) (Hebrew) "beloved"  (Poll rating: +12)
Edna: (f) (Hebrew) "rejuvenation, rebirth, delight" (Poll rating: -13)
Elaine: (f) (Greek) "bright, sunbeam" or (Welsh) "fawn" (Poll rating: +7)
Elijah: (m) (Hebrew) "Jehovah is God" (Poll rating: +4)
Elizabeth: (f) (Hebrew) "God is my oath" (Poll rating: +10)
Erica: (f) (Old Norse) "ever ruler"  (Poll rating: 0)
Erin: (f) (Irish Gaelic) "Ireland" (Poll rating: +1)
Evangeline (f) (English-Greek) "bringer of good news" (Poll rating: -2)
Faith (f) (English) "belief" (Poll rating: +43)
Frederick: (m) (Germanic) "peaceful ruler" (Poll rating: -1)
Gage: (m) (Old French) "pledge" (Poll rating: +2)
Gavin (m) (Welsh) "little hawk," name from Arthurian legend (Poll rating: +16)
Gordon: (m) Scottish clan name meaning "from the roomy fort" (Poll rating: +1)
Hayley: (f) (Old English) "from the hay meadow" (Poll rating: +43)
Holly: (f) (English-Germanic) "evergreen plant with sharp-pointed, shiny leaves and bright red berries" (Poll rating: -1)
Jacob: (m) (Hebrew) "one who seizes the heel of another; a supplanter" (Poll rating: +31)
Javon: (m) (Hebrew) "from Greece," modern form of the Biblical name Javan (Poll rating: -33)
Jayce (m & f) (English-Greek) "healer," a form of Jason (Poll rating: +22)
Jordan: (m) (Hebrew) "flowing down, descending," a Biblical river name, also used for girls. (Poll rating: +16)
Joshua: (m) (Hebrew) "God is salvation" (Poll rating: +3)
Justus: (m) (Latin) "just, fair" (Poll rating: -12)
Lane: (m) (Old English) "dweller by the lane" (Poll rating: +7)
Lillian: (f) medieval diminutive of Elizabeth (Hebrew) "oath of God," and (Modern English) "lily" (Poll rating: -1)
Logan: (m) (Scots Gaelic) "from the little hollow" (Poll rating: +17)
Madison: (f) (Middle English) "descendent of Magdalen" (Poll rating: +12)
Malcolm: (m) (Scots Gaelic) "servant of St. Columba" (Poll rating: +6)
Maria: (f) (Hebrew) of uncertain origin; commonly interpreted as "bitter" (Poll rating: -2)
Marissa: (f) (Latin) "star of the sea," from the phrase stella maris (Poll rating: +21)
Matthew: (m) (Hebrew) "gift of God" (Poll rating: +15)
McKenzie: (f) (Anglo-Scots Gaelic) "son of the handsome one"  (Poll rating: +26)
Mildred: (f) (Old English) "gentle strength" (Poll rating: -7)
Morgan: (f & m) (Celtic) "sea bright" (Poll rating: +150)
Noah (m) (Hebrew) "rest" (Poll rating: +26)
Oliver: (m) (Germanic) "his ancestor's heir" (Poll rating: -1)
Quinn: (f & m) (Irish Gaelic) "fair of form" (Poll rating: -62)
Pagan (f) (Middle English) "rustic" (Poll rating: -21)
Rachael: (f) (Hebrew) "ewe"  (Poll rating: 0)
Rae (f) (English) diminutive of Rachel and other Ray- names, now used as an independent name (Poll rating: +70)
Rhiannon: (f) (Welsh) "great queen" (Poll rating: +6)
Robert: (m) (Germanic) "fame bright" (Poll rating: +3)
Samantha: (f) (English) probably a feminine form of the Hebrew name Samuel, "He (God) has heard" (Poll rating: +14)
Sarah: (f) (Hebrew) "princess" (Poll rating: +1)
Shelby: (f & m) (Old Norse) "from the willow farm" or (Middle English) "from the farm hut" (Poll rating: +1)
Sierra (f) (Spanish) "mountain range" (Poll rating: +53)
Sterling: (m) (Modern English) "high quality, excellent," from (Middle English) "little star," a symbol appearing on English silver coins (Poll rating: -8)
Stephen: (m) (Greek) "crown, garland" (Poll rating: +13)
Theodore: (m) (Greek) "God's gift" (Poll rating: +1)
Todd: (m) (English) "fox" (Poll rating: 0)
Tristan: (m) (Welsh-French-Latin) "sad" (Poll rating: 0)
Van: (m) (Dutch) "of"  (Poll rating: -36)
Whitney: (f) (Old English) "from the white island" (Poll rating: -27)
Zachary: (m) (Hebrew) "God has remembered" (Poll rating: +11)
Zeke: (m) English diminutive of Ezekiel (Hebrew) "God strengthens" (Poll rating: -17)
Zoë: (f) (Greek) "life" (Poll rating: +19)


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