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    I am testing out a new polling system, since the old one was cumbersome and slow. For this new Bravenet poll, you can read about the names on this page, and then go to the poll at Bravenet and vote for everything at once. It should be faster and easier, I hope!
    Do you have a name you'd like to test out in the poll? E-mail me and I'll include it! Be sure to tell me whether it's a girl's name or a boy's name, and anything else you know about it, such as origin and meaning.

Poll of names derived from trees

Tree names are increasingly popular as names for babies. Since most of these are new, they are not well established in terms of boy name/girl name. I have found all of these in use for both boys and girls, and the following assignments are somewhat arbitrary. If you see a name listed as a boy's name that you would love for a girl (or vice versa), go with it! No one can say you are wrong.

After you have looked over the names and their meanings listed below, click on the Cast Your Vote button.

Girl's names:

Boy's names:

Now, click on this button to vote!

 Please check back later for the next set of names!

Published 2/13/00.
Updated 3/11/01.

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