Quicksand at Talofofo Beach

Photograph of knee-deep quicksand underwater next to the riverbank.

    The best place to see quicksand at Talofofo Beach is on the river mouth bar. But the day we went to take these pictures, the river didn't have a river mouth bar. The morphology of this river mouth changes rapidly from day to day. On this particular day, the only quicksand we could find was underwater on the south side (shown) above, and on the edge of the bank on the north side (shown below). As usual, the quicksand was about knee deep.

More knee-deep quicksand on shore next to the river.

    Quicksand is highly localized. Close to the water, Megaera's leg sank rapidly into the quicksand, while her other leg, a few inches back from the edge, didn't sink much at all. By the way, you don't have to have someone holding on to you when you go into the quicksand. We were just doing that to be dramatic!

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