Rotifers of the Madog River, Guam

pictures by Brenna Lorenz
Drawing of a lecane rotifer.  This rotifer is a Lecane similar to the one shown on the main page, but without the keel on its back.

Drawing of a double-keeled, three-spiked lecane rotifer.  This lively shelled rotifer has a double keel and several spikes ornamenting its rear end.

Drawing of Philodena attached to an algal stalk.  Philodina is one of the most common of the freshwater rotifers. It is a large, lush, flexible rotifer with a double corona. This was one of several lined up along a strand of algae. All members of this genus are female. No one has ever found a male or hermaphrodite Philodina, making it one of the most complex animals to always reproduce by parthenogenesis.


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