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St. Louis Gal


Photograph of Bessie Smith.

Transcribed from vocals by Bessie Smith, recorded September 24, 1923.
From Bessie Smith: 1923; The Chronological Classics 761.

Worried in the nighttime,
Worried in the day,
'Cause another sweetie
Took my man away;
Down in St. Louis,
There I lost my pride and joy.
St. Louis woman,
Stole the heart of my big boy,
I'm cryin'!

St. Louis gal,
Just look what you done done, I said what you done done;
St. Louis gal,
You gonna have some fun, I mean a-lots of fun!
I'm always cryin' the blues, both night and day,
Now, daddy's gone;
But you will shake in your shoes;
Hear what I say:
'Cause some fine mornin', without any warnin'
St. Louis gal,
I'm gonna handle you, I say manhandle you;
You'll find yourself in a jam,
As sure as anything what am;
Down in Missouri
There'll come a time,
Your life won't be worth a dime;
You stole my pal,
St. Louis gal.
I'm going a-huntin', do, do, de, do,
You know just what I'm gonna do.
You stole my pal,
St. Louis gal.

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