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There's Rhythm in the River


Transcribed from Blanche Calloway and her Joy Boys, vocal by Blanche Calloway;  recorded March 2, 1931.
From Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy 1929-1931; The Chronogical Classics 655.

There's rhythm in the river, rhythm in the river,
Flinging my sweet man right overboard,
When he begins to shiver,
Rhythm in the river, oh, lord!

He wasn't on the level,
He's going to the devil
Deep down where the evil spirits roar,
'Cause he kept on repeating
His lying and his cheating, oh, lord!

I'm feeling kind of sad,
Got no use for livin';
Love made me so blue,
Wanted to be bad,
Spent my life in givin';
Now, brother, I'm through!

There's rhythm in the river, rhythm in the river,
Forty days and nights my tears have poured,
My heart is all a'quiver,
Rhythm in the river, oh, lord!

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Published 12/27/98.

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