Heptune presents:Photo of Don Redman

Trouble, Why Pick on Me?

    (Don Redman)

Transcribed from Don Redman and His Orchestra, vocals by Lois Deppe; recorded September 24, 1931.
From Don Redman and His Orchestra, 1931-1933; The Chronogical Classics 543.

Everyday you're with me;
Won't you ever quit me?
Must you pick on me?

What have I done to make you taunt me?
Every day you haunt me;
Seems you always want me
To be ever blue.

Won't you give a guy like me a break?
My life seems a terrible mistake,
Is there any way I can shake you?
I hate you!

Oh, trouble,
There is no such thing
As living like a king
With a friend like you.

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Published 2/27/99.

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