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Try Getting a Good Night's Sleep

    (Pinkard, Tracy, Redman)

Transcribed from Don Redman and His Orchestra, vocals by Don Redman with Talcott Reeves; recorded February 26, 1932.
From Don Redman and His Orchestra, 1931-1933; The Chronogical Classics 543.
 Photo of Don Redman
"Oh, gee, I'm so tired!"

Yeah, you're another one of those guys who stays up late,
Well, let me give you a little advice;
Now, listen what I got to say:

Hey, here's the way Mother Nature
Laid out your twenty-four hours for you each day:
She gave you eight for lovin', and eight for workin,'
The other eight is for hittin' the hay.
Boy, you know you got to get your rest,
Or you just can't give your best!

Now, when you see that ol' nightlife's got ya,
Know what will benefit you quite a heap:
If you pass up the lights for a couple of nights,
Try getting a good night's sleep.

Naw, you needn't go west for your kidneys,
You can buy 'em right here just as cheap.
Let your liver alone, just muffle your phone
And try gettin' a good night's sleep!

Now, listen, don't you let anyone tell you
That medicine you should use,
'Cause all the doctors in Belview
Couldn't cure you of your Broadway blues.

Just get yourself a nice comfortable mattress,
And pray the Lord that your soul he will keep,
So the hours won't drag take along a hot water bag,
Try getting a good night's sleep.

And when the wail of the saxophone's got ya,
And the sound of the drum makes you leap,
Boy, for your family's sake, give your body a break,
And try gettin' a good night's sleep!

You know, there's nothing like a good old Rip Van Winkle,
When your nerves start to fidgit and creep,
Take a dip in the tub and an alcohol rub,
And boy, how you can sleep!

You know, one good night without dancing
Is marvelous for your knees, you know that?
Just hang a sign on your transom, say,
"Don't disturb 'til morning, please!"

You'll wake up with a new kind of music, boy!
When the birds on your windowsill peep,
Take a hooker of gin and tuck yourself in,
Try it, boy! Try gettin' a good night's sleep!

"Oh, well, thanks, Don, but I's think I'll turn in."
Well, Tal, I think I'll go along with you, too, I'm kinda tired.

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Published 3/9/99.

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