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 We have recently moved from Guam to Pennsylvania in North America. We have among us a geochemist (Brenna Lorenz), a mathematician (Mike Pulte), a historian (Megaera Lorenz) and an actor (Malachi Pulte). 
We don't particularly like the culture of the current decade, so we have moved back to the 1930s. Sometimes we visit the 1910s, 1920s and even the 1940s.
If you crave to know what we look like, wait for the photographs to load below. We also have an extensive and anastomosing set of pages for you to explore, listed at the bottom. 

We had a radio show on KPRG, Public Radio for Guam, called "Rags to Rhythms," in which we played American popular music from before World War II. Our theme song was a 1911 recording of Alexander's Ragtime Band from a CD called "Rags to Rhythms," produced by the Memphis Archives. This music is just too good to keep to ourselves!

Photo of Megaera and Mike in the swan boat in Malaysia.

Mike and Megaera in the swan boat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Photo of Megaera, Malachi and Brenna in a canoe in Sarawak.

Malachi, Megaera and Brenna in Sarawak.

Photograph of Mike Pulte wearing a bag and playing the piano, while Malachi looks on.

Mike Pulte disguised as an alien has been captured by Starfleet Captain Malachi.

Photograph of Megaera Lorenz in disguise.Photograph of Mike Pulte in disguise.Photograph of Brenna Lorenz in disguise.

Megaera Lorenz, Mike Pulte, and Brenna Lorenz in disguise. Malachi was too young to participate at the time these photos were taken.

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