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What Wouldn't I Do for That Man?

    (E.Y. Harburg - J. Gorney; from Applause)

Transcribed from Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra; vocals by Smith Ballew; recorded 10/19/1929.
From: Can't Help Lovin' That Man; Art Deco Columbia Legacy CK 52855.

I loved from that man from the start,
And way down deep in his heart,
I know he loves me, heaven knows why,
And when he tells me he can't live without me,
What wouldn't I do for that man?

He's not an angel or saint,
And what's the odds if he ain't?
With all his faults, I know we'll get by,
I'll be so true to him he'll never doubt me;
What wouldn't I do for that man?

If I could only rest my weary head on his shoulder,
I'd close my eyes right there and wish I'd never grow older!

I'll never leave him alone,
I'll make his troubles my own,
I'll love that man like nobody can;
I'm just no good when his arms are about me;
What wouldn't I do for that man?
Oh, what wouldn't I do for that man?

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Published 3/25/99.

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