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Which of the following does not belong?

Drawing of top hat, euphorb, flint and Chekhov's pants.
Figure 1
Drawing of a corn broom, a sea cucumber, a long kielbasa on a short bun, and an 8 by 10 glossy.
Figure 2
Drawing of glasses, a cockroach, a vorticella, and a cinderblock
Figure 3
Drawing of a paper bag, a glass of bubbly, Nadine's mouth, and weathered greywacke.
Figure 4
Drawing of a rubber nose, a large insect, a bowl of oatmeal, a tick, a piece of chalk, a dirty sock, a molar, a beer, a photo, and a belt.
Figure 5
For each of the figures shown above, which item does not belong?  Include your explanations in your answer.
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