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Without That Gal!


Transcribed from Blanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys, recorded June 11, 1931.
From Blanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys, 1925-1935; The Chronogical Classics 783.
Photo of Blanche Calloway
Why do feel like I do?
Who made me this way?
I'll always feel like I do,
That sky will always be gray.

Without that man, I can't be happy,
Without that kiss, I just can't miss feeling blue,

Without that man, I'm nearly crazy,
I'm in a fog, in a fog the whole night through!

Days, the days are so dreary,
The nights are so long,
My heart is so heavy,
Seems everything's wrong.
There's no today,
There's no tomorrow,
I might forgive, but I can't live without that man!

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Published 2/27/99.

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