Heptune presents:

Yodling Blues

    (Williams, Hill)

Photograph of Bessie Smith.

Transcribed from vocals by Bessie Smith, recorded June 14, 1923.
From Bessie Smith: 1923; The Chronological Classics 761.

The blues, the blues,
The yodeling blues,
They seem to haunt me all the time,
Because that I ain't got no one
That will console my mind,
It seems to me,
No happiness will I ever find,
No happiness will I find.

Lord, lord, lord, lord,
Lord, lord, lord, lord,
My man went out without a coat.

I wonder who put them jinx on me,
I said, them jinx on me,
I wonder who put them jinx on me,
Lord, them jinx on me,
My man gone back to his used-to-be.

I'm gonna yodel, yodel my blues away,
I said, my blues away,
I'm gonna yodel, yodel my blues away,
Ee-ooo! I'm gonna yodel
Till things come back my way.

I've got the blues, oh, spread the news:
I've got those doggone yodling blues!

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Published 10/1/99.

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