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You Gave Me Everything But Love


Transcribed from Don Redman and His Orchestra, vocals by Harlan Lattimore; recorded June 28, 1932.
From Don Redman and His Orchestra, 1931-1933; The Chronogical Classics 543.

You gave me the moon, the stars, the mountains and the sky,
But still I sit and cry,
Truthfully, you gave me everything but love.

You gave me the light, the breeze, the song the birdies sing,
The summer and the spring,
How willingly you gave me everything but love.

You put ashore,
Right from the start,
You let me go,
Playing the part;
I'm a little fool at heart!

You gave me your arms, your lips, what did you have to lose?
Then left me with the blues;
Can you see, you gave me everything but love.

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Published 3/18/99.

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